Unique Handmade Free Printable Birthday Cards For Dad And Mum

Have you run out of time and need to print a free birthday card for your Dad or Mum at home? Well never fear, for here we have free printable birthday cards for both your Mum or Dad.

I make all of these cards myself – they are hand painted and then scanned into my computer, where I put them into a card format and upload for all of you to enjoy!

They are all 100% original designs, if you have any troubles downloading or printing the cards – take a quick look at the How To Download and Print Page.

If you would rather just view the cards, and not my blurbs and inspiration behind each one, feel free to click the ‘View Entire Gallery’ button and use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons to go through each card in this post.
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The cards are split into two simple sections, cards for dads and cards for mums!

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Free Printable Birthday Cards For Dad


A Penny Farthing For Dad

Here is a cheeky birthday card for your Dad, hopefully he sees the funny side to it!

I LOVE Penny Farthings, they’re so cool and funky and fun to draw. They also remind me of a children’s book I had growing up (except I can’t remember what it was called).


Green Penny Farthing For Dad

Download & Print Card

Happy Birthday Dad Hot Air Balloon

Here is a simple yet fun card to print for your Dad on his Birthday this year.

Is your Dad always telling silly stories and blowing hot air? This is the perfect card for him!


Stop Blowing Hot Air, Dad!

Download & Print Card

Blue Bunting, Dad!

Everyone loves blue bunting (including Dads!) – feel free to personalise this one, maybe a picture of you and your Dad together in the space above the bunting.

I only just taught my boyfriend what bunting actually was, now he seems to see it everywhere!


I hear Dad's love blue bunting!?

Download & Print Card

Rockstar Dad

Is your Dad a musician dreaming of an alternate life where he is Eric Clapton?

My Dad’s a total rockstar to me.


You'll always be a Rockstar, Dad!

Download & Print Card

Free Printable Birthday Cards For Mum


A Globe Of Flowers For Mum

What a wonderful world it would be, if everything was made of flowers.

If I could give my mum the world, I would…


Give your mum the world.

Download & Print Card

Happy Birthday In Flowers

Another flowers card, but who doesn’t love flowers!?

Any woman who receives flowers every day has got to be the happiest girl in the universe!


Happy Birthday Flowers

Download & Print Card

Delicate Teacups For Mum

At the moment I can’t have tea with my mum because she’s on the other side of the world, make your mum feel special and give her this card with a cup of tea and breakfast in bed!

I love the delicacy and designs on those fine china teacups. They’re fun to paint as well!


China Teacups For Mum

Download & Print Card

Give the Gift of Washing (or at least this card)

I cannot imagine any mums (or dad’s – let’s be fair here) that wouldn’t mind a promise of washing all week!

I’ll do the washing Mum, I PROMISE!


I'll do the washing, Mum.

Download & Print Card

I hope your parent, whether it’s mum or dad, enjoys their unique birthday card!

If you have any questions, compliments or problems about these free printable birthday cards for adults – don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment.

Happy birthday to all the parents out there!


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