Hand Painted Fun And Free Printable Valentine Day Cards To Download

Is Valentine’s Day fast approaching? Looking for a unique, fun and free printable card? Well, look no further!

All of these cards are 100% my own designs, and are hand painted by myself and then scanned into the computer and put into a card format.

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is very commercialised – so don’t buy into it and give a free and thoughtful card instead that will still make your loved one feel special without costing everyone an arm and a leg.

This post has lots of free valentine cards to print – there is also a section specifically for free printable Valentine cards for kids.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, take a look at my Love & Anniversary Cards post.

As you scroll down and see each card, I give a little information on the inspiration behind each one – but if you prefer, you can click the ‘View Entire Gallery’ button and then use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons to navigate through all of the cards at once.

There are also special Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids to check out.

Each card you download is of maximum jpeg quality, and they are all 100% free for you to enjoy!
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Floating Ballerina

I’ve done ballet for fun on and off for 20 years, so I’m always thinking of ballet related things to paint. I thought this could be a sweet Valentine’s card.

I was going to put, “I rise at the thought of you” – but I thought the double entendre was a little much.


I float at the thought of you.

Download & Print Card

Love Is An Artwork

Is your beloved creatively inspired? Celebrate their talent and your love for them with this easel of love.

I love painting and I love, well, love.


Easel of Love

Download & Print Card

Mr Suave, At It Again

This card is just a bit of fun, but if you make this promise then you need to live up to it! Valentine’s Day is the time to make your girl feel special after all.

I have to admit, Don Draper came to mind when I was drawing this card.


Mr Suave Valentine

Download & Print Card

Lady Valentine Is Here To Make Your Night Interesting

This is the partner card to Mr Suave. Again, don’t forget to live up to any promises you make on cards!

You’re gorgeous, show your boyfriend just how much this Valentine’s.


It's Lady Valentine.

Download & Print Card

Me & You Heart

A slightly more traditional Valentine’s card – the simple love heart for more traditional lovers.

Maybe it’s a little corny, but who isn’t on Valentine’s Day? That’s what it’s all about!


Me & You Heart

Download & Print Card

Valentine’s Typewriter

Love letters might be becoming a thing of the past but you can still write in this card your own words of love and devotion.

For lovers of anything vintage and old fashioned.


It's Valentine's Typewriter!

Download & Print Card

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

Kids shouldn’t miss out on the fun of Valentine’s day either, so here are a few simple and cute cards for your mini Valentine.

Valentine’s Monkey

Most kids love monkeys, I know I still do. Plus I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is a big monkey.

Stop monkeying around and give her a card this Valentine’s!


Valentine's Monkey

Download & Print Card

Owl Always Love You

Owls. Are. Awesome. Seriously.

I think this is my favourite Valentine’s Day Card of them all.


Owl Always Love You

Download & Print Card

Little Birds On A Swing

A bit of spring time loving.

Perhaps you could tell her that she is so beautiful she makes the birds sing louder.


Little Valentine Birds

Download & Print Card

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