Hand Painted Free Happy Birthday Cards To Print And Color For Kids

Welcome to the kids birthday coloring in section at Cloudy Dreams!

My aim here is to provide some really fun and thoughtful free birthday cards to color and print for that special birthday.

Now the little ones can get involved and give a card to that special person too!

If you’re having any troubles downloading and/or printing, have a look at the ‘How To Download & Print‘ page.

I enjoy writing a little bit about each card as you scroll down, however if you would like to simply view the entire gallery, use the button below.

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Printable Birthday Cards For Kids To Color


A Ship On The Waves

Let them run wild with colors of blues, greens and browns. In fact, whatever colors they like, this is their masterpiece after all.

My boyfriend loves old sailing ships, they are so majestic and graceful.


A ship on the waves

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The Birthday Elephants

Elephants are always fun to color in, who says they have to be all gray anyway? A pink elephant sounds good to me!

I thought these two elephants were really cute, and would make a great coloring in birthday card.


The Birthday Elephants

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Happy Birthday Robot

Birthday Robot wishes you lots of birthday joy!

Kids love Robots, it’s just a simple fact of life. And I love drawing them, so that’s a good combination.


Birthday Robot

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Happy Dog

Kids will love coloring in this little guy, they can even name him whatever they like!

Dogs just have this ability to make everything seem like it’s going to be ok.


Happy Dog

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Super Birthday Snake

Coloring in this sssssssspecial sssssssssnake will take some concentration and will make them super proud when he’s all finished in bright colors.

For a ssssssuper sssssssspecial Birthday Child


Have a SsSsSsuper Birthday!

Download & Print Card
I hope you like my selection of hand painted free printable kids birthday cards to color.

Birthdays are always a highlight of every child’s year – so give them a box of crayons and pencils and have fun.

Don’t worry, there is no need to stay in the lines – and all colors are appropriate!

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