Funky Free Printable Birthday Cards for Kids of All Ages

Having a hard time finding a birthday card that is unique, funny and cute?

I have designed a selection of free printable birthday cards for kids that you can print at home for that special little boy or girl.

I’ve tried to make them fun and colorful, I use a mixture of hand painting, scanning and Photoshop techniques to come up with what you see as the end result.

I really hope you enjoy the birthday cards that I’ve come up with, if you did, I would love it if you shared this website with your friends.

If you would rather just view the cards, and not my blurbs and inspiration behind each one, feel free to click the ‘View Entire Gallery’ button and use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons to go through each card in my Kids Happy Birthday section.
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I’ve broken the cards into three sections, unisex birthday cards and then cards I’ve designed specifically for boys or girls. Of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules – you can print whatever card you like for either gender!

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Free Birthday Cards To Print For Kids


First up is the funky and colorful Polaroid Camera Card!

Personalize this printable card with a quick happy birthday in your own hand and a put a special message inside for that super colorful kid!

Although you may need to explain what a Polaroid is!


The Funky Polaroid!

Download & Print Card

Rise on up for the Hot Air Balloon Card!

Capture your boys imagination with this whimsical and colorful Happy Birthday hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloons have always been something just a little bit magical for me. I can just imagine soaring above the world with complete silence, except for the creaking of ropes and billowing of canvas…


Whimsical Hot Air Balloon

Download & Print Card

Do the Foxy Boogie!

Do you know a kid that loves to dance and boogie? Well Foxy is the perfect birthday card for them!

Don’t kids always know how to just relax and have fun when they dance? If only we could all be like that!


Foxy Boogie!

Download & Print Card

Happy Giraffe Is Happy

Don’t Giraffes just seem so content in their little world, eating grass with their heads up in the clouds?

Giraffes are so dangly and cute, and there is something about them that just seem so peaceful to me…


Happy Giraffe

Download & Print Card

Birthday Pinata

A birthday pinata full of treats for the special birthday boy or girl.

I never had a pinata when I was little, perhaps for my 26th birthday?


Birthday Pinata!

Download & Print Card

The Animal Carousel

Hop on the Animal Carousel, with Kangaroo, Giraffe and Turtle.

There is something a little special about carousels, you don’t see them around to much anymore, but seeing one always takes me back to the local show that used to come to my town once a year.


The Animal Carousel

Download & Print Card


Free Printable Birthday Cards For Boys


Now we’ve got the Green Dinosaur Card!

What kid doesn’t love Dinosaurs? This one is for the younger boys, he might not be T-Rex but he’s pretty cute and cuddly, don’t you think?

My brother LOVED Dinosaurs as a boy, and let’s be honest, green ones are the best (he had one that he carried everywhere).


The Green Dinosaur

Download & Print Card

Blue Robot Incoming! Alert!

As far as I’m aware, all boys have a thing for robots. So make his day with this lively blue robot.

I get a lot of my inspiration from vintage children’s books. When I was in a second hand shop I came across this guy and knew I had to draw him for all the robot lovers out there.


Blue Robot Alert, Alert!

Download & Print Card

Space Man Says, “Happy Birthday!”

Space is the final frontier, let your boys’ imagination run wild with thoughts of adventure, aliens and other planets!

Who doesn’t love space and the great unknown? It’s every boys’ dream at one point or another to become an Astronaut.


Space Man To Earth Boy

Download & Print Card


Free Printable Birthday Cards For Girls


Here is a beautiful card of a vibrant love bird!

I love these birds, and I know a lot of other girls who do as well! It’s the perfect card for your special little girl. I’ve left it blank so you can write Happy Birthday yourself.

I actually have a tattoo of this type of bird, so it’s very close to my heart.


It's the colorful love bird!

Download & Print Card

This is a girls birthday card with a cute flowery doll!

I’ve always been fond of these types of dolls, so it was easy to take inspiration from them for a hand painted birthday card.

When I was little I always loved dolls, hopefully your little girl does too!


Cute Doll Card

Download & Print Card

It’s the Princess’ Palace That’s Pretty in Pink!

What little girl won’t love having her own personal pink castle for her birthday?

Don’t worry, this is castle is a dragon free zone…


The Pink Palace

Download & Print Card

It’s the twirling Ballerina Card!

You find me a little girl that doesn’t adore ballerinas and I’ll give you a free card (wait, they’re already free aren’t they?).

I’ve been doing ballet on and off for 20 years (and I’m only in my twenties). Ballet is a love that once started will stay with your forever.


The Twirling Ballerina

Download & Print Card

I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of birthday cards for kids, painting cards for kids is really one of my favourite things to do – so keep checking back for more updates!

If you have any requests, questions, compliments or problems then please don’t hesitate to contact me or simply leave a comment below.

Happy birthday to all those kids out there,



  1. Alexi

    Hi, I really love your cards. Well done! xx

  2. I’d like to thank you for your awesome cards! They really made my son’s birthday party!!

  3. I love your card…very very beautifull in print!!!

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