Six Lovely Free Printable Birthday Cards For Grandma And Grandpa

If you are lucky enough to still have your Grandparents in your life make sure they feel loved and appreciated with some hand painted cards. These lovely Birthday cards For Grandpa and Birthday cards for Grandma to print at home are all handmade by myself with love. If you have any other terms for your Grandparents that you would like to see on hand painted card please leave me a comment and I will see what I can do!


Free Printable Birthday Cards For Grandma & Grandpa


Birthday Heart For Nan

Do you have a special spot in your heart for your Nan? Tell her on her Birthday with this card.

Both my Nan’s were incredible woman, strong and independent they had incredible lives that included many journeys around the world and raising children in foreign countries. They are such an inspiration for me.


Birthday Heart For Nan

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Flowers For Nan

Flowers will always make her feel special.

My Nan on my Mum’s side loves flowers and I remember her home always being filled with lots of bright bunches.


Frame & Flowers For Nan

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What was that dear?

Is your Nan deaf enough to need a hearing horn? I hope she has a sense of humour!

My Grandad was the one who had trouble hearing, and when I say deaf I mean DEAF!


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Flowers for Grandma

More flowers but this time for Grandma instead of Nan.

No matter what you call your Grandparents make sure they feel loved.


Happy Birthday Grandma Flowers

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Free Printable Birthday Cards For Grandpa


Birthday Frame For Grandad

A more manly card for a manly Grandad.

My Grandad was a strong and elegant man, I think he would have liked this card.


Birthday Frame For Grandad

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One for Pop

A lighthearted card for a lighthearted Grandfather.

Your Pop will love a personal card filled with love from his Grandchild!


Happy Birthday Pop

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Grandparents are special people who all too often leave our lives too soon. Every day I wish I had longer with mine. Make sure that you tell your Grandparents just how much you love them and don’t forget to listen to all their wonderful stories!


  1. Laura Summerfield

    Hi there,
    As you are living in Europe, it would be good to use some Euro friendly names for the grandparents and increase the number of card options. eg Oma and Opa!!

  2. As someone who calls their grandparents Nan and Pop, I love these! I don’t often see “Nan” cards!

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