How to Download & Print

I’ve created this page to help and give advice on how to download and print the cards on Cloudy Dreams.

The cards are separated into categories, such as Cards for Kids or Cards for Adults etc.

Each post within the categories will focus on a particular card niche, such as Birthdays, Christmas or Valentine’s Day cards.

The easiest way to navigate and find new cards is to do so via the Card Designs page. You can also select a category via the box in the right hand sidebar.

Viewing & Downloading

To download the cards, there will be a “Download & Print” button beneath the preview of each card. This will load a box on your screen, where you can view the card in its entirety.

If you’re happy with how the card looks, you can then select ‘Download’ and just the card itself will download and open in your browser window.

From here you can either print the card in your browser, or you can right click and select “Save picture as” (Internet Explorer) or “Save image as” (Chrome/Firefox) and download the card onto your computer.

All the images are high quality JPEGs.

Printing & Making

The cards are all designed to be 8.5 inches high x 11 inches wide. They are made so that the front and the back of the card print onto a standard size of A4 paper.

The card has light grey lines to indicate where to cut along the bottom and where to fold the card in half. I have tried to make them as unobtrusive as possible, and they are there to help rather then detract from the image of the card.

When printing, you can choose whether you want to print it in Portrait or Landscape. Both options are suitable, it just depends on how large you would like the card to be.

If you download the image to print it, it’s best to print it using Windows Photo Viewer. You can then choose how large you would like to print the card, either a ‘Full Page Photo’ or ’5 x 7 in.’ are good options (depending if you want a large or small card). But there are a couple more sizes to choose from.

Printing with Windows Photo Viewer

When printing using your browser, keep the following in mind:

If you choose to print in Portrait, ensure that ‘Shrink To Fit’ is selected as an option (it should automatically default to this option).

If you are printing in Landscape, you can select the image size to be 100%.

If you’re seeing text at the header and footer of of your print out, this is a setting on browser that needs to be toggled off. It’s easily done in the print options:

For Google Chrome, when in Print Options, UNTICK the box on the left hand side that reads “Headers and Footers” and this annoying text will disappear.

For Internet Explorer, open ‘Print Preview’ and then click on the blue gear symbol. This will open up the ‘Page Setup’ options, from here ensure that all of the drop down boxes in the ‘Headers and Footers’ section are set to ‘Empty’. See screenshot below.

If you’re unsure of where to find the print buttons, I’ve listed them for you below for the three popular browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox).

Please note: All the browsers will open their printing functions if you select the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P

However, you may want to ‘Print Preview’ before going ahead with any actual printing.

Internet Explorer:

How To Print In Internet Explorer


How To Print In Chrome


How To Print In Firefox

If you’re having trouble at all with printing or the cards, please contact me via email: – or send me a message via the Contact page.